He used to say we were like fire and ice

-Caitlin Snow talking about Ronnie Raymond  (via shipper-heart1207)

I didn’t want him to be a hero, I wanted him to be my husband.

-Caitlin Snow, The Flash (via ckerouac)

Daryl giving Beth silent reassurance  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

The 100 returns tomorrow (Wednesday) for season 2 at 9pm EST on the CW. Watch it live. 

They are all okay, and all those things could exist in the same woman. Women shouldn’t be valued because we are strong, or kick-ass, but because we are people. [x]

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Do you remember your name?

// beth greene

'Ouija' Movie Screening Seance


My name is Beth Greene.
I am a survivor.

Inspired by (x)

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Thank god for Fan Fiction Writers

-Every Fandom Ever (via indefinitely-rad)